Placement Policy

Smt B.N.B Swaminarayan Pharmacy college Salvav Vapi, facilitates the student’s placements through Placement committee. The Placement committee gives information about employment opportunities in Pharmaceutical industries and also makes information available about higher education in India and other countries.

Placement committee is an interface between Smt B.N.B Swaminarayan Pharmacy College students and the Industry. The committee is designed to function with a high degree of professionalism. It is our endeavor to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the students and the industry. Our institute provides platform where companies are invited to recruit our students. The alumni students in various pharmaceutical industries also help to students in job opportunities.

Besides maintaining the academic schedule, We also encourages and helps the students in overall development and makes them well groomed personalities in academics with professional personality to become a cardinal component of pharmaceutical industries. Personality Development classes are conducted to train the students in all aspects through placement committee.

Various events like guest speaker panels, conferences, workshops, regular industrial visits and academic updates are organized in which companies participate directly.

Industrial Visits:

Regular industrial visits of various domestic and international pharmaceutical companies are arranged for each academic year students. As a part of the curriculum the industrial visit and knowledge of working environment is mandatory, so as to provide with them the real insights of working procedure of esteemed organizations to fulfill the curriculum demand.


Reputed industries around Vapi, Valsad visit our institute regularly for campus recruitment programmes. We laid groundwork for achieving academic-industrial rapport and we are proud that our students are absorbed by leading giants of Pharmaceutical profession. Invited Companies are expected to give a Pre-Placement Talk [PPT] laying out the details of the company and the offer before the process initiates on the allotted date/s. In case there is no PPT by the company, then the Placement cell would give a PPT.

Guest lecture from Industries:

Regularly the guests from industries are invited for their special inputs of them through lecture on various key points. The real practical insights of working in Pharmaceutical industry and opportunities in pharmaceutical fields always better explained by the pharmaceutical professional from various pharmaceutical industries.

Placement Commitee


Placement 2016

Sr.No Name of Students Qualification Placement company Designation Salary per annum
1 Chamadia Amit M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Production Designation 1,20,000
2 Mohammad Muntazir B.Pharm (final year selected) Meril Life-science Regulatory affairs 96,000
3 Khoja Shamim B.Pharm (final year selected) GVK EMRI Pharmacist 96,000
4 Khan Sakina A. B.Pharm (final year selected) GVK EMRI Pharmacist 96,000
5 Jha Deepak B. B.Pharm (final year selected) Voventis Pharmaceuticals Regulatory affairs 96,000
6 Patel Divya B.Pharm (final year selected) GVK EMRI Pharmacist 96,000
7 Charania Minaz B.Pharm (final year selected) GVK EMRI Pharmacist 96,000
8 Patel Parthika B.Pharm (final year selected) GVK EMRI Pharmacist 96,000
9 Patel Ankur B M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sidmak laboratories ADL 1,44,000
10 Kajal Patel M.Pharm (Quality Assurance) Sidmak laboratories ADL 1,44,000
11 Bhatt Jay M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sidmak laboratories F&D 1,44,000
12 Rajput Priya M.Pharm (Quality Assurance) Sovereign Pharmaceutical IPQA 1,20,000
13 Patil Chirag U. M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Cadila Pharmaceuticals F&D 1,20,000
14 Gohil Yuvraj M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) SKant Pharmaceutical Production 1,20,000
15 Desai Dolly B.Pharm Sovereign Pharmaceutical Quality control 96,000
16 Bagda Indu B.Pharm Sovereign Pharmaceutical Quality control 96,000
17 Nayak Janki M.Pharm Mangalam Quality assurance 1,20,000
18 Patel Kena M.Pharm Mangalam Quality assurance 1,20,000

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