Identity is the conception, qualities, beliefs, and expressions that make a person.



Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current.



Discipline that makes people more willing to obey or



Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

  • Founder

    Shree Purani Swamiji

    Education & Values both play equally important role in a human life. Values more so than education, Where as more or less education may or may not harm a man’s way of living and his surroundings; lesser values can destroy a man and the society he lives in. Just like salt in our food, values can do wonders both for the person and society when given in right amount.

  • Managing Trustee

    Shastri Kapil Jivandasji

    Today, in this modern age education is everything, yet it paramount to nothing. Whatever knowledge they gain during their course of education is achieved as a means of earning a living. A human being must be compassionate, patriotic, cultured, well mannered responsible and socially acceptable. Instead of liberating them to achieve more it binds them to a certain way of life. A life that may be successful but does not help their family, society or nation.

  • Principal

    Dr.Sachin B. Narkhede

    Our mission is to contribute to the growth of our nation by providing quality students by giving adequate training. Our target is to grow into mega with resolution of becoming autonomous in the field of pharmaceutical education and to have strong interactions globally with leading pharmaceutical industries and also other higher institutions across the globe.

What Corporate say

  • Mr. Abhay Sinha Director- Technical Indchemie Health Specialties Ltd, Daman.

    Culture of Swaminarayan Pharmacy College of imparting knowledge and wisdom, conferring quality education, nurturing the moral of the student furnishes them to become a well-equipped individual ready to face any boulder of difficulties eventually climbing the ladder of success. This is the main reason why I was enthused and lusted for attached with Swaminarayan Pharmacy College, Salvav, Vapi.

  • Mr. A H Khan Vice President- Human Resources SUN Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

    I am strong believer of the fact that without discipline one cannot come up in life. Fortunately our views are matching. You have accorded top most priority for student’s attendance. You are prompt enough to involve parents if the ward is defaulting. Overall good efforts are taken by your Teaching staff to make your students understand the topic; be in classroom or in laboratory.

  • Mr. I G Patwa General Manager Quality Assurance SUN Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

    In spite of Swaminarayan Pharmacy College being relatively new, the fact that their very first batch gives a University topper speaks volumes about the standard of this college. I am happy that students are in the right places and I wish them a bright future.

  • Mr. R S Sharma Vice President (Operations) Zydus Cadilla Healthcare Ltd. Daman.

    Discipline is maintained in the college which should be an integral part of everyone’s life. The teacher-student interactions & relations are helping out the students to excel in their studies. These could be some reasons why Swaminarayan Pharmacy College students had achieved great success in University examinations.

  • Mr. Mahesh Kholambe Human Resources Manager S Kant Pharmaceuticals Vapi

    Swaminarayan Pharmacy College is a conglomerate of premiere educational institutions. It is an intellectually rich educational institute. The faculty possesses vast experience and knowledge in the fields of Pharmaceuticals and this is the region why? Swaminarayan Pharmacy students are performing very well at industrial level.

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